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The Power of Your Personal Brand

The Power of Branding EWOC April event

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Date: April 27, 2022

Start Time: 2:00 pm EDT

End Time: 3:30 pm EDT


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The best project you will ever work on is YOU. Whether you are an established entrepreneur, C–level executive, or any woman in power, your personal brand is just as important as your business.

How you position yourself will help you land that next next contract, promotion, or partnership. In other words, your personal brand clarifies why YOU are the one they want. But when was the last time you set aside time to reflect on how you present yourself to the world? What are your values? What unique expertise do you offer?

While this may sound intimidating, developing your authentic personal brand can be one of the most strategic, and enjoyable, things you can do. This process will elevate your business by establishing yourself as a key player in your field.

Join this free workshop with Brand Architect Joy Rahat to learn her top 3 smart strategies on how to build your authentic personal brand. Joy will share real-life client stories, including before and after transformations. She will also share how SMALL ADJUSTMENTS can bring BIG RESULTS so you can see an immediate impact on your brand positioning.

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About the Speaker

Joy Rahat is the founder and CEO of JOY RAHAT BRANDING, a full-service, national agency specializing in corporate and personal brand positioning, based in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area. Joy is a branding architect with over 20 years of experience in assisting multinational clients bridging the online communication gap through strategic brand message positioning. She is a member of the International Committee and Women in Business – D.C. Chamber of Commerce; and Red, White and Blue Committee – American Cancer Society. Joy Rahat thrives on empowering and inspiring women to find their voices and to become confident in their professional lives.