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Leading with Compassion | Health is Wealth Series

How can entrepreneurs create a healthy and supportive work environment for their team while also meeting the bottom line? Identifying your team's working style will lead to a productive work environment, while also driving business results. In this workshop, Mali Phonpadith, CEO of SOAR Community Network, will provide actionable steps to implement her compassionate, cohesive, and collaborative (C3) culture framework. Join us…

Yoga & Intentions: Moving Beyond the Moment | Health is Wealth Series

Columbia Heights Green 3321 11th St NW, Washington, D.C.

You consistently show up for your business and clients, but when was the last time you showed up for yourself? In our upcoming yoga class, led by instructor Brittney Henderson-Fiestas, we invite you to take a moment to press pause while in the company of other fabulous women of color entrepreneurs. Rooted in the "radical self-care,” philosophy, Brittney's class will…

Get Your WOSB Certification to Scale Your Business

Is your business a certified Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)? The federal government pledges that at least five percent of annual contracts will be awarded to certified Women-Owned Small Businesses.1  In 2019, WOSB businesses were awarded $26 billion in federal contract dollars.2 Certified WOSB businesses also have a competitive advantage when bidding on federal subcontracts. Corporations often set…

Overcoming Burnout | Health is Wealth Series

Creative Grounds D.C 1822 North Capitol Street NW, Washington

Stress is a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey, but it does not need to define your experience as an entrepreneur. In this special Coffee & Conversations, Dr. Keisha Mack of The MECCA Group, LLC will lead us through an engaging conversation discussing best practices to help manage burnout. Join this session, and walk away with new self-care strategies benefiting your body, and in turn, your…

Feeding Hope for the Future | Health is Wealth Series

Join us for an engaging conversation with Mary Blackford to explore how social entrepreneurship can propel sustainable, positive change in D.C. Wards 7 and 8, where residents experience a lack of access to healthy, sustainable food.

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