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Dream Domain: A Culinary Journey


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Date: April 06, 2024

Start Time: 7:00 pm EDT

End Time: 9:00 pm EDT

Location: Anacostia Arts Center
1231 Good Hope Road Southeast
Washington, DC 20020 United States

Join us for an unforgettable evening where artistry meets entrepreneurship, and flavors tell inspiring tales.

Join us for an unforgettable evening where artistry meets entrepreneurship, and flavors tell inspiring tales. Anacostia Arts Center presents “Dream Domain: A Culinary Journey” a one-of-a-kind dinner party featuring local artist, Featured Artist: Jordan Fosheé.

🎨 Embark on a visual odyssey as Jordan Fosheé shares their artistic journey, showcasing the soul behind their creations. From strokes of passion to the canvas of success, witness the power of creativity and entrepreneurship through the eyes of a visionary artist. 

Through a carefully crafted menu, Fosheé will narrate his entrepreneurial journey, each dish a chapter in his story. From kitchen experiments to a flourishing culinary enterprise, let your taste buds dance to the rhythm of ambition. 

🤝 Engage & Connect This isn’t just a dinner; it’s an immersive conversation among like-minded individuals. Network with fellow creatives, entrepreneurs, and art enthusiasts.  

Share your own story, forge new connections, and be inspired by the diverse narratives that make up our community. 

🎟️ Tickets: $150.00 per registrant. Limited seats available. Secure your spot for an evening of art, entrepreneurship, and culinary excellence. Every ticket makes it possible to continue supporting local artists and fostering a vibrant community of innovators. 

About the Chef: Jaren Morrow has a chef career spanning many different cuisines. absorbing styles and flavors from cach experience. Instead of defining his cooking by a specific style or region, Jaren is not restrained by the typical boundaries of food. Te combines flavors and techniques from his professional experiences with memories of cooking from his childhood. His food is just like him. approachable, unique, and full of flavor. Jaren has the perfect taste instincts combined with a desire to push boundaries. While the flavors range anywhere from asian, creole, italian, caribbean, southern, to gourmet fast food, it is always guaranteed to be delicious. Some notable highlights include his specials featured during his weekly residency at Jackie Lee’s – Kennedy Street Tacos. When birria tacos, typically made with beef, became popular, Jaren wondered about his pescatarian and vegetarian patrons. Always asking “Why not?,” and “What if?,” two different birrias were created – a marinated, seared shrimp taco served with a creamy, luxurious shrimp bisque, and an earthy portobello taco served with a silky butternut squash soup for dipping.These examples highlight Jaren’s ability to push the boundaries to ensure every guest has the most delicious and unique experience.